Groin Strains in Hockey Players – Rehab Phase Two

Groin Strains in Hockey Players – Rehab: Phase Two

The next progression we are going to perform in this series is a variation of what’s called a Copenhagen exercise. Copenhagen exercises are to adductors what the Nord Board is to hamstrings. In our variation, we are going to focus on whole body stabilization while still bringing our injured leg through an isotonic contraction.

To perform this exercise you should:

1. Utilize a table or bench that is about two feet off the ground
2. Perform a side plank while your top leg’s adductors stabilize your lower extremity
3. Try to maintain neutral hip alignment to promote the best moment arm
4. In this episode, the bottom leg is our focus leg and we are going to perform adduction/abduction in this plane using your legs weight as the resistance
5. In future progressions of this, you may have someone hold the top leg in order to create a more unstable surface

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