Groin Strains in Hockey Players – Rehab: Phase Four/Sport Specific

Groin Strains in Hockey Players – Rehab: Phase Four/Sport Specific

Check out our favorite sport specific exercise to finish your rehab for a groin strain!

The final video in our series with @theathleteessentials covers an exercise that should be done towards the end of a rehab protocol for groin strains in hockey players. At this point, we want to ensure that our athlete has not only strength, power, and control, but is also able to maintain integrity when thrown into various planes of movement. With the side to side single leg ski jumpers, we are forcing the add/abductors to control one’s movement while still going into positions of maximal contraction.

If you have access to a slide board, this would be the perfect time to use rough grips and push side to side against maximum resistance. For those that don’t, we will want to focus on this exercise.

To perform these single leg ski jumpers, you should:

1. Start of on one leg with all joints in a straight line with each other on the weight bearing side (shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle)
2. Jump as far as you can to your opposite side and control your body as you slow it down
3. Keep track of how loud your landings are. The quieter the landing, the more control you are utilizing
4. Go back and forth with this motion towards each side.
5. To progress this exercise, ski jump in varying angles and planes (45 degrees in front/behind, 60 degrees in front/behind, etc.) or change the surface you are jumping on (bosu ball/foam pad/etc.)

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