Groin Strains in Hockey Players – Rehab: Ace Wrapping

Groin Strains in Hockey Players – Rehab: Ace Wrapping

Here’s our favorite wrapping to help athletes continue to play while recovering from a groin strain!

The first video we are going to cover in our rehab series concerning groin injuries in hockey players displays how to perform an effective groin ace wrap. Ace wraps can be an effective means of reducing inflammation, limiting one’s range of motion, or enhancing one’s available range of motion.

For the groin specific ace wrapping, we are trying to limit excessive abduction & external rotation which are the opposite of the muscles actions (adduction & internal rotation). This keeps the muscle in a shortened form and allows for functional movement with less irritation to the tissue.

To perform this ace wrapping, you should:

1. Place a block underneath your head to allow for slight plantar flexion and flexion in your knee
2. Ensure that your hip is not in a rotation moment, keep it neutral
3. Starting Out to In, wrap the acewrap 3-4 times around the thigh before going over the hip and across the back
4. By performing these motions, you are keeping the hip in adduction & neutral to slight internal rotation to avoid further damage to the tissue in question.

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