Nerve Glides – Ulnar Nerve

Nerve Glides – Ulnar Nerve

If you have numbness or tingling anywhere from the inside of your elbow down to your pinky and inside of your ring finger, then you might have an entrapped ulnar nerve! Here’s our favorite exercise to help!

The first nerve glide we are going to cover is specific to the Ulnar Nerve. The Ulnar Nerve’s sensory distribution runs along the inside of your forearm down to your pinky & inside of your ring finger. The term “hitting your funny bone” actually happens when a force is applied to this Ulnar Nerve creating numbness or tingling down your arm. 

The two most common places for entrapment are at the elbow through the cubital tunnel and at the wrist through Guyon’s canal. Ulnar Nerve entrapment is often a worry in Tommy John surgery as the Ulnar Nerve is commonly transposed to a different position during UCL repair.

Our favorite motion to self-glide your Ulnar Nerve is through the prayer position. To perform this you should:

1. Put your hands together in a prayer position
2. While keeping your torso and head stable, rotate your arms across your body in one direction at a time
3. Once you feel the problem area arise, you should feel your symptoms through your 4th and 5th fingers
4. Either sustain a stretch at this position or try to pulsate through this endpoint

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