Nerve Glides – Sciatic Nerve

Nerve Glides – Sciatic Nerve

Do you have sciatic nerve pain? Here’s our favorite exercise that can help!

Sciatica is one of the most prominent non-traumatic conditions of the lower extremity in athletics today. One potential reason for this is the extended periods of time that we live in an anteriorly, or more commonly posteriorly, pelvic tilt position. This posterior pelvic tilt can be due to many factors such as tight hamstrings or weak hip flexors. However, when maintained for extended periods of time, our deep gluteal muscles become dysfunctional. This dysfunction leads to burning, numbing, or tingling in the gluteal region of your body that often travels down the backside of your leg.

In combination with corrective exercise, sciatic nerve glides can often help address this pain by trying to ‘floss’ the nerve through its neural tensioned areas. To perform a self-nerve glide of the sciatic nerve, you should:

1. Lay on the ground or a table and place both hands underneath one thigh and pull your hip into flexion
2. While your hip is in this position (excuse my tight hamstrings in this video) try to straighten your knee
3. If you still don’t feel any neural tension at this point, try bringing your toes towards your nose (dorsiflexion)
4. If you find a restriction during any one of these joint movements, mobilize the nerve by replicating the joint’s movement that you found symptoms in

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