Nerve Glides – Radial Nerve

Nerve Glides – Radial Nerve

If you have numbness or tingling in the back of your hand, then you might have an entrapped radial nerve! Here’s our favorite exercise to help!

The last upper extremity nerve glide we are going to cover concerns the radial nerve. The radial nerve’s sensory distribution covers most of the back of the hand minus the back of the little finger and adjacent half of the ring finger. The most common site of entrapment of the radial nerve is through the proximal forearm, however, it can be irritated or compressed at any point along its path.

Our favorite self nerve glide of the radial nerve involves a teacup to Batman mask type motion. To perform this glide, you should:

1. Make an ‘OK’ sign with your fingers as if you were going to hold a teacup
2. While keeping this handhold, flex your elbow and shoulder to bring your hand near your face
3. Lastly, try to invert your hand on your face so that your thumb and point finger encircle your eye and your fingers run down your cheeks (Batman mask)
4. If you feel any numbness, burning, or tingling at any point in this combination of movements, move the most distal joint back and forth to work through this irritation spot

Featured Image By: Healthline

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