Nerve Glides – Posterior Tibial Nerve

Nerve Glides – Posterior Tibial Nerve

Do you have numbness or tingling in the bottom of your foot? Here’s our favorite exercise that can help!

The final nerve glide that we are going to cover in this series concerns the posterior tibial nerve. The posterior tibial nerve runs down behind the medial malleolus, through the tarsal tunnel, and then splits into its 3 distal branches (calcaneal, medial, and lateral plantar nerves). This nerve’s sensory distribution includes the sole of the foot and innervates the plantar intrinsic musculature.

Entrapment or irritation of the posterior tibial nerve is most often found at the tarsal tunnel. There are various ankle flexor tendons in this area that, when irritated/inflamed, can place pressure on this nerve causing neurological symptoms in the foot and toes. 

To provide an effective nerve glide of the posterior tibial nerve, we are essentially going to perform the opposite motions of our previous video covering fibular nerve glides. To perform this, you should:

1. Start by lying on your back with a strap around the medial arch of your foot
2. Bring your foot into a position of plantarflexion/inversion to dorsiflexion/eversion (down/in to up/out)
3. Use the strap to work through your trouble points or to end range of the movement

Featured Image By: The Physical Therapy Advisor

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