Nerve Glides – Median Nerve

Nerve Glides – Median Nerve

If you have numbness or tingling in your palm and 1st to 3rd fingers, then you might have an entrapped median nerve! Here’s our favorite exercise to help!

The next nerve glide that we are going to cover is a Median Nerve glide. The Median Nerve’s sensory distribution runs through the majority of the palmar surface of your hand. This is the nerve that is most often entrapped during carpal tunnel syndrome as the Median Nerve travels through the wrist. A common presentation of carpal tunnel syndrome includes weakness, numbness, or tingling on the palmar side of your 1st through 3rd digits.

To perform our favorite version of a self Median Nerve glide, you should:

1. Use your opposite hand to put your target hand in full wrist extension
2. Keep your elbow in flexion and move it into extension while keeping your wrist extended
3. Do this back and forth to try and mobilize the Median Nerve
4. If you don’t feel your symptoms don’t present with this movement, keep your elbow extended and move your wrist through flexion and extension

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