Groin Strains in Hockey Players – Risk Factors

Groin Strains in Hockey Players – Risk Factors

Find out if you’re at risk for a groin strain!

Research has identified and de-identified a few key risk factors specific to ice hockey players. These include:

1) Adductor/abductor strength ratio: less than 80% very high risk
2) Preseason hip adductor flexibility was NOT different between players who sustained adductor muscle strains and those who did not
3) History of injury: greater than 2x risk for another injury
4) Players who perform sport specific training less than 18 sessions (equivalent to 6 weeks, 3 times a week) are at more than 3x the risk of groin or abdominal strain injury in training camp

Bottom Line From The Research: Ensure you have equal strength of both your adductors & abductors, train for at least 18 sessions before the regular season starts, and be mindful of your body to address any injuries before they happen to effectively reduce your risk of sustaining further groin injuries in hockey!


Featured Image By: Detroit News

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