NFL Draft 2019: Rashan Gary’s Labral Tear

NFL Draft 2019: Rashan Gary’s Labral Tear

How will Rashan Gary’s labral tear affect his draft stock?

NFL media have reported that Rashan Gary’s Shoulder condition has been diagnosed as a labral tear that dates back to college. Early speculation is that he will be able to play through his rookie season prior to potentially having surgery but he will have to play with a shoulder brace to manage through the year.

Who is Rashan Gary?

Gary is a 6’5”, 278 lb defensive end from Michigan that is projected to be a top pick in this years draft.

What is a labral tear?

The shoulder is an extremely mobile joint but is prone to dislocations due to its shallow joint. The labrum is designed to form a deeper pocket within your glenoid fossa to allow for more articulation of the humoral head. Therefore, a tear of this labrum can make one more prone to dislocations and potentially painful/restricted motion.

Similar players who have entered the NFL over the past few seasons with a labral tear include Kevin King & Shaq Lawson.

Kevin King – DB
Drafted – 33 overall
9/16 rookie
6/16 2nd year

Shaq Lawson – DL
DRAFTED – 19 overall
Average 11/16 game since 2016 but most limited in his rookie season.

Be on the lookout for an early pick on Rashan Gary, but beware of the potential consequences his injury may have on his overall outlook in the league!

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