Golf Swing – Step Drill

Golf Swing – Step Drill

What can I do to help sequence my hip and shoulder movements to improve my golf swing?

How do you do it?

(1) Start by aligning yourself to the ball as you would during a full, normal golf swing. 

(2) Use an alignment stick or mark the grass where the outer edge of your leading foot is located. 

(3) Next, move your leading foot to your back foot. At the same time, begin your backswing and step towards where you marked the original location of your foot.

(4) Once you plant your foot, begin your downswing and swing through the golf ball.

How does it help?

This drill is intended to address and improve the sequencing of your hip and shoulder movements. In addition, you should notice a forward sway towards your target. This movement is necessary in conjunction with the rest of your swing to ensure that the momentum and follow through is guided towards the target. Like the feet together drill, you may have difficulty hitting the ball and/or this movement will feel awkward if performed incorrectly. 

Give this drill a try next time you are practicing on the range and use alignment sticks to guide swing towards your target!

Guest Engineer: Steven Ditgen, SPT, GFS

Featured Image By: Colorado Avid Golfer

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