Golf Swing – Regional Interdependence Drill

Golf Swing – Regional Interdependence Drill

What is a simple drill that can help me separate my trunk and hip movement?

Regional Interdependence is the ability to separate movements in different segments of the body. For example, this means you have the ability to rotate your shoulders side to side without moving your hips. This drill is designed to teach you how to dissociate movements between your shoulders and hips. 

The ideal golf swing involves the perfect timing of your hips, chest, and lead arm in succession to get more club speed. It is common that amateur golfers will fire hips and chest at the same which ultimately reduces distance. By improving the timing of your swing, you make each stroke less effortful and more consistent. 

We recommend warming up with drill after you have stretched, but before you start taking full swings.

Guest Engineer: Steven Ditgen, SPT, GFS

Featured Image By: The Athlete Engineers

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