Golf Swing – Obliques & Rotator Cuff Warm Up Drill

Golf Swing – Obliques & Rotator Cuff Warm Up Drill

What drill can I do to warm up the main muscles that are used in the follow through of my golf swing?

How do you do it?

1. Place the club behind your back with one hand on the head of the club and the other on the end of the shaft
2. Slightly bend at the waist like you’re setting up the hit a golf ball
3. Rotate your trunk to the left to stretch external obliques and internal rotator cuffs muscles on the left while also stretching internal obliques on the right
4. Press on the club with your right hand to provide a further stretch to the left internal rotator cuff muscle (subscapularis)
5. Repeat on the opposite side

Why is this important?

Our previous post detailed the importance of obliques and rotator cuff muscles when swinging a golf club. It’s extremely important that we have warmup drills that target these muscles in order to ensure they are activating properly to help prevent injury and improve the timing of our swing.

Use this warmup drill prior to your next round or before hitting at the range!

Featured Image By: Golf Channel

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