Golf Swing – Medicine Ball Step-Through Slam

Golf Swing – Medicine Ball Step-Through Slam

Check out our favorite exercise that includes all the concepts that are important to a golf swing!

For our final exercise, we’re going to combine all of the characteristics that we previously identified as being important to improving our golf swing: upper body and lower body dissociation, eccentric and concentric contraction of the rotator cuff, oblique, and lower body muscles.

To perform the Medicine Ball Step Through Slam:

1) Hold the medicine ball in front of your body like you’re setting up your swing

2) Cross your left leg over your right leg

3) Uncross your left leg by stepping to the left while also swinging the ball overhead

4) Cross your right leg over your left leg

5) Finish your ball swing by slamming it down to the left of your body

Feature Image By: Men’s Journal

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