Golf Swing – Medicine Ball Lift & Throw Down

Golf Swing – Medicine Ball Lift & Throw Down

Check out an advanced exercise that can help improve your golf swing!

This exercise is a progression from the last episode that requires power and involves movements that more closely resemble a golf swing. Let’s breakdown how it will help our golf swing:

1) The athlete performs a powerful thrust upwards to simulate the quickness of a golf swing. The external oblique on your side away from the leading hip is being targeted. This muscle is responsible for generating power through the ball strike phase of the swing and for maintaining the ideal golf stance throughout your round. 

2) Abdominal musculature contains a mixture of type I and type II muscles fibers. Type I muscle fibers in the abdominals are responsible for maintaining posture and are actively contracting throughout the day. The type II muscle fibers are trained much less often as they are responsible for quick, powerful contractions. This exercise progression focuses on the power component of the golf swing by addressing those type II muscle fibers. 

3) Another important characteristic of this exercise is the eccentric contraction of the external obliques on the side of the leading leg. The role of this muscles group during the later phases of the golf swing is to slow down the club and provide our body with stability to help prevent injury. With more muscular stability and control over the swing, you can improve your ball strike consistency. 

Try out this functional exercise to help improve your golf swing!

Guest Engineer: Steven Ditgen, SPT, GFS

Featured Image By: YouTube

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