Golf Swing – ½ Kneeling Trunk Rotation with Medicine Ball

Golf Swing – ½ Kneeling Trunk Rotation with Medicine Ball

Check out one of our favorite exercises to help improve your golf swing!

For this exercise, we incorporated a lot of the important musculature used during the golf swing as evidenced by current literature. There is a lot going on here so check out our breakdown below:

1) Keeping the medicine ball out in front of you with elbows straight and hands evenly placed on each side of the ball requires a contraction of the pectoralis major which is a main muscle being used during the backswing, downswing, and acceleration phases of your swing.

2) Maintaining this position challenges the abdominals and erector spinae to contract isometrically. Keeping this stability during the golf swing is valuable for consistent ball strike.

3) The leading leg is positioned in such a way to improve hip internal and external rotation, both of which are necessary components to the golf swing. Both of your hips go through a series of internal and external rotations most clearly seen at the top of your backswing and the follow through.

Key Takeaway: This exercise is great for those of us that feel our golf game begins to suffer late in the round due to poor muscular endurance. In addition, some of our older golfers have a range of motion deficits that limit their ability to perform an ideal golf swing.

Guest Engineer: Steven Ditgen, SPT, GFS

Featured Image By: Greatist

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