Plantar Fasciitis Rehab – Posterior Self-Mobilization of the Talus

Plantar Fasciitis Rehab – Posterior Self-Mobilization of the Talus

Check out how you can mobilize a foot in your bone by yourself that can help you recover from Plantar Fasciitis!

Joint mobilizations are a common treatment method performed by many physical therapists and athletic trainers, however, it is possible to perform these mobilizations when you are training/rehabbing individually as well. Joint mobilizations are used to improve range of motion in specific directions based off of the congruency of the joint surfaces being tested.

For the ankle, if we perform a posterior glide of the talus on the tibia, we are effectively creating more allowable dorsiflexion range of motion of the talocrural joint (bringing your toes towards your nose). As we talked about in previous episodes, a lack of dorsiflexion is a tremendous risk factor for obtaining plantar fasciitis.

To perform this posterior mobilization, you should:

1. Obtain a theraband or cord and wrap it right above where the top of your foot ends (you want to be below the end of your shinbone)
2. Place the band so that the resistance is pulling posterior or behind you 
3. Now go into a lunge position and shift your weight forward as much as you can
4. Perform 3 sets of 10-15 of these with as much tension as comfortable to effectively self mobilize the talus and increase your dorsiflexion

Give this method a try to help with Plantar Fasciitis recovery!

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