Plantar Fasciitis Rehab – Low Dye/Teardrop Taping

Plantar Fasciitis Rehab – Low Dye/Teardrop Taping

What is a common tape job that can help me recover from Plantar Fasciitis?

One great intervention that can be used during an athlete’s recovery from plantar fasciitis is a low dye or teardrop tape job. This tape job is meant to act as a secondary arch to relieve stress from your plantar fascia during functional/athletic activities. The technique for this taping is very simple and you will only need 1 roll of athletic tape (in this video we used 1.5 inch Johnson & Johnson Zonas tale).

To perform this you should:

1. Create a base strip that wraps around the base of your foot from outside the pinky toe, behind the heel, and over to the big toe
2. Create a second base strip that goes on the underside of your foot that goes across the metatarsal heads (bony or more meaty area of your forefoot)
3. Split the 1.5 inch tape in half or use 1 inch tape
4. Start at the base of each toe and perform a teardrop wrap that goes behind the heel, back under the foot, and back to where you started
5. After you’ve done this for each toe, you can either perform a second layer for additional support or close the tape job off here
6. To close the tape job off you should use horizontal strips across the bottom of the foot that cover your smaller teardrop strips

Ask your athletic trainer or physical therapist to perform this tape job to help with your Plantar Fasciitis rehab!

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