Plantar Fasciitis Prehab – Runner’s Lunge Stretch

Plantar Fasciitis Prehab – Runner’s Lunge Stretch

Check out our favorite stretch to help prevent Plantar Fasciitis!

Previously we described the Windlass mechanism within the foot and how extension of the big toe raises the arch within your foot. Now we are going to show an exercise that works the foot intrinsic musculature through this position & provides a stretch of the ankle dorsiflexors (poor dorsiflexion is a prominent risk factor for acquiring plantar fasciitis).

To perform the runner’s lunge stretch, you should:

1. Plant your foot so that your toes are forced into end-range extension
2. Push your body weight through your toes and maximally dorsiflex your ankle (foot towards your nose)
3. Go into a lunge position and either hold a sustained stretch for 15-20 seconds at a time or pulsate/rock back and forth through your toes/ankle in this position

Tune in tomorrow to learn when you should turn your running shoes in for a new pair!

Featured Image By: Julie Lohre

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