Plantar Fasciitis – Special Tests

Plantar Fasciitis – Special Tests

Check out our favorite special tests that can help you determine if you have plantar fasciitis!

If you think you may have plantar fasciitis, there are two special tests that can be done to potentially verify this. The first test is a manipulation of the Windlass mechanism.

To perform this test you should:

1. Passively extend the big toe, therefore raising the arch within your foot
2. If you have pain with this movement, then you may have plantar fasciitis

The second test that can be done is called the Heel Inversion Test. To perform this test, you should:

1. Perform a calf raise and have someone observe your heels
2. Your heels should invert when on your toes, if your heels don’t invert or even evert then this may be indicative of posterior tibialis weakness/dysfunction
3. The posterior tibialis is a muscle responsible for this movement as well as maintaining one’s arch height
4. A fault in this movement could be a predictor of plantar fasciitis

Tune in tomorrow to learn about the risk factors that are associated with this condition!

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