Osteitis Pubis Prehab – Hip Abduction

Osteitis Pubis Prehab – Hip Abduction

Check out our favorite functional exercise to help prevent Osteitis Pubis!

The final segment of our prehab series on Osteitis Pubis spotlights a very simple but effective exercise. This exercise is beneficial because it:

1. Influences Glut Med strengthening which allows for normal gait patterns and single limb stabilization during sport specific movements
2. By strengthening the hip abductors, we are lessening the strain that overdeveloped hip adductors have on the pubic symphysis and surrounding tissues

To perform banded hip abduction you should:

1. Obtain an appropriate theraband that allows for full motion but is challenging at the end point
2. Place the theraband between your ankles for highest difficulty level or between the knees for an easier exercise
3. While moving your focus leg to the side try not to externally rotate your foot or rotate your pelvis to allow for extra motion, our goal is to just strengthen the glute medius

Thank you for tuning into our prehab series for this condition, we will start our 3 part rehab series tomorrow!

Featured Image By: YouTube

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