Osteitis Pubis Prehab – Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Osteitis Pubis Prehab – Single Leg Romanian Deadlift

Check out our favorite standing exercise to help prevent Osteitis Pubis!

As we start to put together more complex movements to train in a functional fashion, it is important to not only train both lower extremities in conjunction with each other but also in isolation. In sports many movements are performed on only one extremity at a time so we also need to combat pelvic asymmetries similarly.

A great exercise to perform that does this is a single leg Romanian deadlift. To perform this exercise, you should:

1. Obtain a set of dumbbells, kettlebells, or a barbell of a challenging but tolerable weight for a set of 10
2. Start in a fully standing position and bend at the hip to lower your object towards the ground
3. Try to maintain a flat posterior surface so that the back of your calf and spine are in the same plane at all times (really focus on this and not laterally rotating at the hip/trunk at all)
4. Get as close to the floor as possible with your weight while maintaining this posture 
5. JJ has a rounded back in this exercise due to a compensation pattern to get the weights closer to the floor, if this happens to you only go as low as tolerable while maintaining the flat posterior chain we are looking for

Tune in tomorrow for the final exercise in our prehab series for Osteitis Pubis!

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