Basketball & Ankle Sprains – Shooting

Basketball & Ankle Sprains – Shooting

Check out what you can do to help prevent ankle sprains when shooting a basketball!

The final video in our basketball-specific ankle training series is on shooting. Kawhi Leonard’s injury during the 2017 Western Conference Finals may be the most memorable example of this. A defender’s foot may slide under yours during a jump shot, and by using a wedged pad, we can develop the ankle’s ability to respond to instability in this situation.

To perform this exercise you can:

1. Place a wedged pad on the court where you want to shoot
2. Jump from the court while shooting
3. Land with both feet slightly on the pad (you can adjust the position of where you land as comfortable)
4. Consider jumping so that only your right or left foot lands on the pad

Thanks for watching our basketball ankle sprain series and stay tuned for more basketball related videos!

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