Basketball & Ankle Sprains – Rebounding

Basketball & Ankle Sprains – Rebounding

Check out how you can train in order to help prevent ankle sprains when rebounding in basketball!

Our next basketball-specific ankle training video focuses on rebounding. When jumping for a rebound, there may be other players in the area. There is a chance of landing on someone’s foot, placing the ankle at increased risk for injury. Landing on an unstable surface can prepare the ankle for such a situation. One of our favorite exercises to address this is to practice rebounding on an exercise mat.

To perform this drill you should:

1. Place an exercise mat or airex pad on the court near the basket

2. Toss the ball off the backboard 

3. Catch the basketball while landing with one foot on the mat

4. Jump to shoot a layup

5. Repeat this exercise while throwing the ball at different angles off the backboard

Stay tuned for the next video in the series!

Featured Image By: Basketball HQ

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