Osteitis Pubis Prehab – Dynamic Stretching

Osteitis Pubis Prehab – Dynamic Stretching

Check out our favorite dynamic stretch to help you prevent Osteitis Pubis!

In our previous video we introduced a static adductor stretch that is beneficial to perform as a component of your warmup routine. Now we are going to progress that further with 3 different dynamic stretches that in combination target the musculature usually involved with Osteitis Pubis.

The first is a Knee Hug (hip extensor stretch) which addresses muscular tightness that is associated with posterior pelvic tilting. This is a simple exercise that an be performed simply by bringing one knee to the chest, holding for 2-3 seconds, and then bringing the opposite knee to the chest.

The second is a Quad Walk (hip flexor/knee extensor stretch) which addresses muscular tightness that is associated with anterior pelvic tilting. This can be performed by:

1. Grabbing your heel and pulling it so that it is close to your butt
2. Lean forward while trying to maintain a flat back or neutral spine (JJ’s quads are tight so this was difficult for him) so that your chest is as close to parallel as possible or until a firm stretch is felt
3. Walk out a few steps then perform same motion on opposite leg

The third and potentially most important exercises is a Adductor Shuffle (hip adduction stretch) which is a further development of the isolated long adductor stretch in the previous video. To perform this you should:

1. Perform a side shuffle with knees bent at least 60 degrees and toes pointing forward
2. Once in the bottom phase of the side shuffle, use your elbows to push your knees out to the side
3. Hold this position for 2-3 seconds before taking a few steps and performing this again

These are some key elements to a warmup routine that should be done for most conditions, but especially for Osteitis Pubis. Tune in next time to figure out how to strengthen specific musculature that are often problematic and avoid this injury!

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