Osteitis Pubis Prehab – Adductor Stretch

Osteitis Pubis Prehab – Adductor Stretch

Check out our favorite stretch to help prevent Osteitis Pubis!

Osteitis Pubis can be the result of multiple different biomechanics dysfunctions. As we progress through the different prehab options for this condition, we are going to take one dysfunction at a time and address a potential exercise to address that dysfunction.

The first abnormality that is commonly seen in athletes with Osteitis Pubis is tight or overdeveloped adductors. We will address the overdevelopment of this muscle group in a future video but for now will expand on tight adductors.

The adductor group site on the medial (inside) portion of your thigh and are responsible for internally rotating your leg (imagine rotating your foot towards your midline) and adduction (bring your whole leg towards midline). When your adductors are tight, it becomes difficult to perform the opposite motions (external rotation/abduction) so your pelvis has to compensate for this which puts more strain on the pubic symphysis and irritates the surrounding tissue.

One way to address this is to perform an adductor stretch prior to exercise. To perform this you should:

1. Obtain a stretching band or high tensile strength theraband and tie it around your foot
2. In a long sitting position (sitting with both legs in front of you), pull your leg as far as you can outside of your body frame while keeping the leg that’s not being pulled still
3. Hold this end position for 10-15 seconds at a time for 2-3 reps

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