What Is Osteitis Pubis?

What Is Osteitis Pubis?

I have a pain in the middle of my pelvis. What can it be?

Osteitis Pubis is a painful, chronic condition that affects the pubic symphysis or the tissue around it that becomes aggravated after athletic activities. It is an overuse injury that is typically see in athletes that play sports involving:

1. Kicking
2. Rapid accelerations/decelerations
3. Abrupt directional changes

Based on these risk factors, soccer, football, and rugby players are at a high risk for having this injury.

Let’s breakdown the anatomy of this injury and how it might present in an athlete. The pubic symphysis is a small segment of cartilage that connects the two halves of our pelvis in the front. An athlete’s pain might be directly over it or it can be felt in many other regions including front/middle groin, adductor region, lower abs, or scrotum. The pain is usually aggravated by running, cutting, kicking, and performing abdominal exercises.

As you can imagine, it is very difficult for an athlete to continue to play and/or train with this injury. Therefore, it’s important that we train to prevent this injury in the first place or learn how to come back from it appropriately.

Stay tuned for our upcoming special tests, prehab, and rehab posts to address this tricky condition!


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