Tennis Elbow and Back Pain

Tennis Elbow and Back Pain

Studies have shown that elbow pain and back pain are significantly associated with each other!

The muscles, joints, and bones in our body are all interconnected. They must work in unison for us to function properly and without pain. Therefore, if an injury occurs, our bodies need to compensate in some fashion in order to continue training, playing, or simply moving. The result is often additional dysfunction in another part of our body.

Several studies evaluated youth and adolescent overhead athletes (baseball, softball, tennis, handball, badminton, and volleyball) with elbow/shoulder pain to see if they also have trunk or lower extremity pain. They analyzed over 4,000 athletes and their findings indicated that there was a significant association between them. Most commonly these athletes experienced low back and knee pain.

It is important to note that an injury like lateral epicondylitis may hurt the elbow but it can also result in other impairments that can not only hinder an athlete’s ability to compete but can also lead to a more serious injury.


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