Osteitis Pubis – Special Test

Osteitis Pubis – Special Test

Check out this simple special test that can help determine if you have Osteitis Pubis!

If you suspect that you may have osteitis pubis, there are a few stress tests that can be performed at home to see if you may need to start a rehabilitation protocol.

A quick non-specific way to test this area is to perform a single leg squat or hop on one leg. Since this condition involves innominate (hemi-pelvic) asymmetries which aggravate the pubic symphysis, we want to observe what happens when you isolate one side of the pelvis and proceed through a functional activity. If pain is reproduced with these movements around your mid pelvic region, then you may have osteitis pubis.

However, the best way to see if you may have this condition is to:

1. Use the palms of both of your hands to apply pressure over the pubic symphysis area
2. Be mindful that this is naturally a sensitive area and those with this condition can have intense pain with even light pressure
3. Apply pressure in a gradual fashion and not full throttle right from the start
4. If pain is felt with this movement, especially with only light pressure, you may have Osteitis Pubis

If either of these maneuvers provoked your pain, pay extra attention to our upcoming rehab series! Tune in next time to see our favorite exercises to help prevent this condition from occurring!

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