Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Rehab – Bracing

Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Rehab – Bracing

Our next segment of our rehab series focuses on another intervention that can be used an addition to our later exercises, bracing. Bracing allows for you to return to your sport or be more functional by restricting certain ranges of motion or by creating new leverage points. With Tennis Elbow, there are two main braces that are mainly prescribed to athletes, a counterforce brace at the elbow and a resistive wrist brace for extension.

The counterforce brace at the elbow applies pressure at the tendon belly of the extensor group beyond the lateral epicondylitis. By doing this, the brace is creating a new leverage point for the muscle to act on to avoid the excessive pull and strain at the bony prominence. This eliminates unnecessary tension through the tendon while in the recovery phase.

The second brace is used at the wrist and blocks full extension. This is useful as the main muscle group involved with this condition is the extensor group, so by limiting this motion you aren’t allowing yourself to go through a painful arc of motion.

Both of these braces are helpful individually but when used in conjunction with each other, they allow you to be more active in your day & workouts.

Tune in tomorrow for the next segment of our rehab series!

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