Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Rehab: Ice Massage & Cross Friction

Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Rehab: Ice Massage & Cross Friction

To start off our rehab series for lateral epicondylitis, we wanted to focus on two interventions that can be done at home in addition to our later exercises. The first intervention is an ice massage. In the initial phases of this condition, there will be a lot of pain & inflammation that will limit your ability perform daily tasks. To try and combat this, we recommend doing an ice massage.

To do an ice massage treatment you should:

1. Fill a Gatorade or styrofoam cup with water and let it sit in your freezer over night
2. Rip the top part off of the cup so that about half the ice is revealed
3. Rub the ice over your effected area for 5-8 minutes
4. Additional additives can be used such as Dr. Hoys, biofreeze, or Flexall as well

The second intervention is a cross friction massage. Typically this is done past the acute phase of an injury where more soft tissue work needs to be done. Performing cross friction massages can greatly ease tension that will be built up around your lateral epicondyle.

To perform a cross friction massage you should:

1. Cross your middle finger over your index finger for support
2. Rub your index finger perpendicular to the tendon attachment at your elbow or at the site of greatest tension
3. This can me done multiple times throughout the day or while in school/work
4. Perform this for 8-12 minutes for the best benefits

Tune in next time to find about some braces that could alleviate stress at the elbow and allow you to be more functional!

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