Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Prehab – Extended Baseball Swing & Golf Swing

Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) Prehab – Extended Baseball Swing & Golf Swing

Do you think you can do our most advanced exercises to help prevent Tennis Elbow?

The final phase of our prehab series on lateral epicondylitis combines multiple places of movement into two opposite but refined movements. The final two exercises that we are going to perform are weight bar baseball swings and golf swings. With these exercises we are trying to mimic PNF patterns that many physical therapists use in their clinics. These two refined movements provide resistance through the entire upper kinetic chain from the hand/wrist all the way up to the shoulder and provide general strength training for every joint to work in unison, similar to how every swing or swerve taxes the body.

The first exercise we are going to perform is the extended baseball swing:

  1. To start this exercises, grab a straight bar of between 8-12 pounds
  2. Going into a baseball pressing stance (bar in a plane over your dominate shoulder) while keeping your elbow straight instead of bent (puts more emphasis on the extensor group than while your elbow is bent)
  3. Perform a slow baseball swing but keep both of your hands on the bar and slowly control the rotation of the bar/bat towards the floor
  4. This slowing down of the bat is one of the most functional exercises to functionally train the extensor muscle group!

The second exercise we are going to perform is an extended golf swing:

  1. The principles of this motion are similar to the baseball swing but in the opposite plan of motion
  2. By performing this motion in conjunction with the last, we are effectively training through the woodchop and reverse woodchop motions except for in a functional fashion
  3. Grab the same straight bar as above and go into an extended golf swing position
  4. While moving through the arc of motion, the emphasis again is on the full extension and rotation at the end piece of this motion

The most important aspect of both of these motions is controlling the movement through the entire arc of motion, especially through the final rotation piece to get the most activation out of your forearm muscles.

Tune in tomorrow for the start of our rehab series on this condition!

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