Basketball & Ankle Sprains – Dribbling

Basketball & Ankle Sprains – Dribbling

The second video in our ankle sprain prehab series focuses on stabilizing the ankle in the open court. When dribbling up the court, we are processing lots of information of what’s in front of us. At high speeds, the ankle is at increased risk of injury, so proprioception is all the more important. A great way to train for this situation is to add a balance board to your dribbling warm up. Dribbling while balancing on one leg, can teach the ankle and lower body how to stabilize at different joint angles. Closing your eyes while dribbling, will stress your proprioceptors even more.

To perform these drills you should:

  1. Place a balance board/airex pad/bosu ball on the court
  2. Stand on the balance board with only one leg
  3. Dribble on one side for 10-15 seconds (feel free to alternate with any of your favorite drills)
  4. Perform the drill with both hands and legs
  5. Consider closing your eyes to increase difficulty

Look out for tomorrow’s post continuing the ankle sprain series!

Guest Author: Nick van Dijk

Featured Image By: Stack

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