Basketball & Ankle Sprains – Proprioceptive Training Basis

Basketball & Ankle Sprains – Proprioceptive Training Basis

The first video in our basketball & ankle sprain series will start off with general ankle strengthening/proprioceptive training in various positions & directions. Basketball requires a lot of jumping, and players are at risk of landing on another player’s foot. Strengthening the muscles around the ankle, specifically the firing rate of the peroneals, can help the body overcome risky positions and create stability. Jumping on an uneven surface can simulate positions that the ankle might experience when landing as well.

To perform this exercise you should:

  1. Place a wedged pad against a wall or find a ramp with moderate incline
  2. Stand with one leg on the pad
  3. Jump and land on the pad 10 times
  4. Repeat in the 3 other directions (looking right, left, and backward)

Stay tuned for the next video in the series!

Guest Author: Nick van Dijk, SPT, CSCS

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