Basketball & Ankle Sprains

Basketball & Ankle Sprains

With March Madness starting up this week, we thought it was the perfect time to launch a series over a common injury that occurs in basketball, an ankle sprain! 

Ankle sprains are a common injury when playing basketball. The ankle can be at increased risk when cutting towards the basket, shooting a jump shot, or jumping for a rebound. Any of these situations may cause the ankle to turn inwardly and injure the soft tissue around the ankle, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Sport specific training and proprioceptive exercises can prevent weeks of being out.

A 6 year-study of professional male Italian basketball players showed that single leg proprioceptive training may reduce the risk for ankle sprains. Proprioception can be defined as the body’s ability to understand its position in space. The brain uses this information subconsciously to prepare the foot and ankle to land.

Therefore, we can train at various joint angles to prepare the ankle for unstable situations such as landing on a defender’s foot and quick changes of direction.

Stay tuned for the upcoming videos on our favorite basketball-specific exercises to prevent ankle sprains!


Guest Author: Nick van Dijk, SPT, CSCS

Featured Image: Malvern East Physiotherapy

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