NFL Draft Buyer Beware: Marquise Brown

NFL Draft Buyer Beware: Marquise Brown

Why should NFL teams be wary of using an early draft pick on Marquise Brown?

Brown is a 5’10” 168 lbs wide receiver with exceptional speed, agility, and route running ability which more than enabled him to make up for his small stature during his career at Oklahoma. He is being projected as one of the top wide receivers and going in many experts’ first round mock drafts. There is one huge factor that can have a negative effect on his draft position and future in the NFL: his Lisfranc injury.

Marquise Brown suffered a Lisfranc injury and underwent surgery in January that resulted in him not participating in the NFL combine. A Lisfranc injury is a foot injury that occurs when one or several metatarsals (bones attached to you toes) are displaced from your tarsal bones. A study analyzed the draft position and overall play in the first 2 NFL seasons of athletes that sustained a Lisfranc injury prior to the NFL combine from 2009 to 2015. They determined that this injury had an adverse effect on an NFL athlete’s draft status, draft position, and overall play during initial NFL seasons. It also has a high potential of having long-lasting negative effects on the athlete’s career. Another study also identified that players with Lisfranc injuries prior to and identified at the NFL combine played significantly fewer NFL games compared to healthy players that matched age, position, year drafted, and round drafted. Basically, they were able to identify the injury as a main differentiating factor.

Brown is a standout athlete, however, teams need to be mindful of all potential risk factors, especially when investing a first round pick in an athlete. Don’t be surprised if you see his draft position slide on draft day.


Featured Image By: Sports Illustrated

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