Is NFL combine performance predictive of draft status?

Is NFL combine performance predictive of draft status?

An extensive study analyzed 1,155 athletes that took part in the NFL combine from 2005-2009 to determine if their performance in the combine standardized drills was associated with draft status. They even normalized each athlete’s data (took into account their body size) in order to eliminate other variables that could skew the analysis.

What did they find out? They found that combine performance had very little association with draft status. Furthermore, when they took into account body size, it didn’t have an effect on the results either.

What drills were the most predictive of draft outcome? Of the 7 performance measures the following seemed to hold the most weight with NFL personnel responsible for draft decisions.

  • 40 yard dash
  • First 10 yards of the 40 yard dash (10 yard split)
  • Jumping ability (vertical & broad jump)

Again, there was very little association overall but these were the strongest predictors.


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