When does our body use protein? How are they stored in our body? What is the recommended amount for the general athlete?

Proteins consist of amino acids and they have two essential roles in helping the body:

  • Develop tissues, enzymes, hormones, and lean body mass
  • Rebuild and repair muscles after exercise

Research supports that athletes, in general, should consume 1.6 g of protein/kg of body weight/day in order to have adequate stores for the body to accomplish these two roles. Excessive consumption of protein does not lead to increased muscle mass because protein in excess of physiologic needs is converted and stored as fat. It is important to note that these are just general guidelines and each individuals protein stores will vary based on their body type, and frequency, duration, and type of training regimen.

So, try to hit your goal for protein intake, but don’t overdo it!


Featured Image By: CSIROscope

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