Training Brachioradialis

Training Brachioradialis

Why do you do hammer curls?

When your hands are in a neutral position (thumb facing up) & you perform a curl, the exercise is called a hammer curl. Contrary to common belief, this curl is not just another variation used to target your biceps. It actually fully engages your Brachioradialis, which is an important elbow flexor.

Now the Biceps and the Brachialis are still going to contribute when performing hammer curls. However, we want to engage the Brachioradialis in order to strengthen it. Compared to regular and reverse curls, hammer curls engage this muscle significantly more!

The Brachioradialis is involved in any athletic movement that involves elbow flexion, therefore, it should be trained along with the Biceps in order to strengthen it. Make sure to work hammer curls into your routine!

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