Training Brachialis

Training Brachialis

Do you know how to train your brachialis?

When your hands are in pronation (palm facing down) & you perform a curl, the exercise is called a reverse curl. Contrary to common belief, this curl is not just another variation used to target your biceps. It actually targets your Brachialis. This muscle is located on the bottom half of your humerus & is called the “workhorse” of the elbow flexors.

The Biceps contract optimally when you hands are supinated (palms facing up). By pronating your hands, you are putting your biceps in a less optimal position for contraction. As a result, your body recruits the Brachialis in order to make up for the lower Biceps activity because:

  1. The Brachialis is not affected by supination or pronation
  2. It has the largest surface area of any elbow flexor making it ideal to help generate force!

This muscle is involved in any athletic movement that involves elbow flexion, therefore, it should be trained along with the Biceps in order to strengthen it. Make sure to work reverse curls into your routine!

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