Training Biceps Short Head

Training Biceps Short Head

Do you know how to train the short head of your biceps?

The long head of the Biceps crosses the front of the shoulder joint and contributes to shoulder flexion. So, if we start an exercise with our shoulder in flexion, the long head of the Biceps will be in a shortened/disadvantaged position. When a muscle is in a shortened position, it has less room to contract than when it was fully lengthened.

This is important because the long head and the short head both flex the elbow. Thus, when the elbow is flexed while the shoulder is in flexion, the long head can’t completely contract but the short head will completely contract. As a result, the short head is doing the majority of the work and being targeted!

Here is a video of our favorite bicep curl to target the short head of the Biceps! Reverse incline DB curls.

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