Here’s the Proper Form for Bicep Curls

Here’s the Proper Form for Bicep Curls

Why should you turn your palm to the ceiling (supinate) when performing bicep curls?

There are 2 bones in your forearm:

  1. Ulna – Aligns with your pinkie
  2. Radius – Aligns with your thumb

The Ulna doesn’t move, while the Radius rotates around it. This rotation is shown by turning your palm to face the ceiling (supination) & the floor (pronation).

So, how does this concept relate to our biceps?

  • The Biceps attach to the Radius. When you perform supination (palm to ceiling) you’re contracting your biceps especially when your forearm & arm are at a right angle. This action of the biceps is secondary to its main function: flexing the elbow.

Thus, when you combine supination & elbow flexion into one motion, you get max contraction of your bicep! This concept has been proven by several studies that analyzed electrical muscle activity during bicep curls with different hand positions!

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