Biceps: Long Head vs. Short Head

Biceps: Long Head vs. Short Head

Did you know the biceps have two distinct heads, requiring them to be trained differently?

Our biceps have two heads with different origins:

  • Short head – Origin on coracoid process
  • Long head – Origin on supraglenoid fossa on shoulder blade

Despite their separate origin they share the same insertion after they cross the elbow joint. This is important because both heads will flex the elbow joint!

But based on their origins, the short head only crosses the elbow joint while the long head crosses the shoulder and elbow joint. Specifically, the long head crosses the front of the shoulder joint and contributes to shoulder flexion (raising arm straight in front).

This subtle distinction has a large effect on how we can effectively target each head of the Biceps! Stay tuned for our favorite exercises for each one in order to grow your entire Biceps optimally!

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