Rehab (1) Adhesive Capsulitis: Active Assisted Flexion & Abduction

Rehab (1) Adhesive Capsulitis: Active Assisted Flexion & Abduction

I’ve been diagnosed with adhesive capsulitis, what is something that I should start doing to get better?

In the first phase of our rehab series for adhesive capsulitis, our focus is to regain full pain-free range of motion. This is one of the most difficult tasks with this condition as it has most likely been a long time since any productive movement has occurred in that joint. Therefore, it’s important to gradually work your way back to the full range that you had before the condition occurred. One great way to do this is to create a pulley system so that you can adjust the amount of force you’re using to bring your injured arm through the different ranges you are working with.

To perform active assisted flexion & abduction with a pulley system you should:

1. Obtain a rope or band and something that you can pass it through to pull on (safety handles, door knobs, refrigerator handles)
2. Grip the rope with both hands and use your non-injured arm to pull your injured arm straight up in front of you (flexion) or straight out to the side (abduction)
3. Hold this end position for 3-5 seconds & perform 10 repetitions in a set (this time can be increased if tolerable)
4. While your progressing through this only work up to where your pain occurs at, this end point will gradually increase over time

Tune in to our following video to learn one of our favorite strengthening exercises for adhesive capsulitis!

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