Rehab (2) Adhesive Capsulitis: Face Pulls w/ External Rotation

Rehab (2) Adhesive Capsulitis: Face Pulls w/ External Rotation

I’ve regained my full range of motion, what should I do to start strengthening my shoulder?

In the previous episode, we described a method to increase your overall pain-free range of motion. Once this range is restored, it is important to strengthen the surrounding shoulder musculature so that we can keep proper mechanics while going about our daily routines, workouts, and games. To promote the most beneficial shoulder position while also training the muscles that surround the shoulder, in this phase we are going to perform face pulls with external rotation.

To perform this exercise, you should:

1. Find a TheraBand that you can loop over an object at eye level or a pulleyed-weight system
2. Go into a tall kneeling position
3. Grasp the object in both hands with an overhand grip and pull so that your shoulder blades are together
4. Hold this position for 3 seconds then externally rotate your shoulders (bring the back of your hands towards your ears) and hold this position for 3 seconds
5. While releasing the repetition, it is a 2-step release. First back to the shoulder blades being squeezed and then back to the starting position.
6. Perform this slowly, minimal weight is preferred as it is more about the efficiency of movement in a resisted manner rather than how much weight you can actually pull

Tune in to the next video for another exercise to further advance our rehab protocol!

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