Concentric Muscle Contraction

Concentric Muscle Contraction

What is a concentric contraction and why is it important?

A concentric contraction occurs when a muscle is activated and the muscle length shortens. The force of the muscle is greater than the external force (ex. barbell or dumbbell). An example of a concentric contraction is raising the weight during a bicep curl. The bicep is activated and it is shortening resulting in the weight being raised. Concentric contractions are what is traditionally seen during training in the gym.

Let’s breakdown the unique characteristics of a concentric contraction and when it should be used in training, prehab, and rehab:

  • Increases blood pressure after contraction

    • Bad alternative for athletes with high blood pressure
  • Increases pressure on joints, tendons, and ligaments

    • Athletes should not use these very early in rehab from injury or surgery
  • Muscle completely shortens

    • Muscle can be strengthen optimally

Check out our rehab, prehab, and training pages to see when it is best to use concentric contractions!

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