Rehab (3) Adhesive Capsulitis: Overhead Dribbling

Rehab (3) Adhesive Capsulitis: Overhead Dribbling

I’ve been strengthening my shoulder and feel like I should be doing something else, what’s the next step?

The final phase of our rehab series for adhesive capsulitis focuses on rhythmic control. Now that we have regained our previously lost range of motion & rotator cuff/scapular strength, we are going to make sure that your shoulder can withstand any daily or training tasks you place on it. To facilitate this, we want to do an activity where we not only activate our focus muscles but also promote more motor control. One of our favorite exercises to do this is overhead dribbling.

In order to perform overhead dribbling you should:

1. Obtain a medicine ball of around 3-5 pounds (can increase as the movement becomes more efficient)
2. Hold the medicine ball in your hand with your elbow flexed to 90 degrees, palm facing the wall, and in line with your shoulder (90 degrees of abduction: straight out to your side)
3. Rotate your shoulder while keeping your shoulder abducted so that you dribble the medicine ball off the wall
4. When the ball comes back from the wall, control the movement to try and reach as much external rotation as possible before the next dribble (back of your hand rotating towards your back while maintaining 90 degrees of abduction)
5. This exercise is not about speed but about proficient movement, weight should be increased/decreased based off of how much your shoulder/upper arm moves independent of the rotation involved with dribbling

Thank you for tuning in to our series on adhesive capsulitis, we hope that you’ve learned something new!

Featured Image By: The Athlete Engineers

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