Prehab (1) Adhesive Capsulitis: Towel Stretch

Prehab (1) Adhesive Capsulitis: Towel Stretch

What stretch can I do to limit the chances of developing adhesive capsulitis after a surgery?

It is important following shoulder surgery to try and mobilize the shoulder as quickly and safely as possible. Once able to be performed, the towel stretch is a very critical component of this mobility sequence. By being able to manipulate your shoulder through the full range of motion allowed, you are ensuring that the capsule is not adhered & promoting synovial fluid movement.

In order to perform the towel stretch, you should:

1. Obtain a towel, stretching band, or bar shaped object
2. Place the object behind your back
3. Place one hand near the top of your head with your palm facing your front
4. Place the other hand near the small of your back with your palm facing backwards
5. Once in this position, you can pull or push with either arm in order to effectively stretch both the internal and external muscle groups

Check out our next video for another critical stretch that promotes shoulder mobility and helps prevent you from having adhesive capsulitis!

Featured Image By: The Athlete Engineers

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