Training Lower Traps

Training Lower Traps

Want to learn our favorite, scientifically proven exercise to target lower traps?

Of the 3 parts of the traps, the lower is most commonly underdeveloped because traditional exercises don’t directly or indirectly affect it. Based on the fiber orientation being directed diagonally downward and towards the spine, the tower traps main actions are:

  • Depression and upward rotation of the shoulder blade

So, when we train this muscle in the gym, we want to use exercises that encompass both of these actions for optimal activation.

A comprehensive study comparing lower trap activation with several exercises showed that the diagonal overhead arm raise in line with the fibers of the lower trap while in the prone position resulted in the greatest muscle activation! This exercise can be done with dumbbells, a cable or a band.

Our favorite is with a band because (1) it can be done at home and (2) the resistance increases are you go through the motion making the muscle work even harder! Here we are showing this exercise in standing with a cable because it is difficult to find a surface that is elevated enough to perform in prone.


Featured Image By: Medical News Today

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