Prehab (2) Adhesive Capsulitis: Overhead Stretch

Prehab (2) Adhesive Capsulitis: Overhead Stretch

I’ve stretched my rotator cuff, is there another muscle that I should focus on as well?

Often when treating or preventing shoulder injuries, it is common to forget about other muscles besides your rotator cuff that have a large impact on the overall efficiency of your movement. The latissimus dorsi (commonly referred to as simply lats) is one of these muscles that are often overlooked. The lats run from your thoracolumbar fascia all the way to your humerus and are responsible for extension, adduction (movement towards the midline of your body), and internal rotation. A deficiency in the ability of the lats to perform well can cause many issues in the upper extremities, including adhesive capsulitis.

In order to stretch this muscle, you should:
1. Find a surface around or just below your eye level
2. Place both of your flexed elbows on this surface
3. Push your head through your elbows to feel a stretch in the back of your shoulder and down the sides of your ribs
4. Hold this position for around 15-30 seconds

Check out the final video in this series for the last exercise in our prehab series for adhesive capsulitis!

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